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Meet the Team

Tim Driscoll (ext. 119) [email address]

Product Design & Purchasing:
Adam Driscoll (ext. 120) [email address]

Director of Marketing:
Leigh Diskin (ext. 117) [email address]

Office Manager:
Diana Mascaro (ext. 118) [email address]

Director of Operations:
Scott Keith (ext. 112) [email address]

Director of Sales:
Tom Syron (ext. 109) [email address]

Director of Sports Construction:
Jen Driscoll (ext. 113) [email address]

Senior Sales Associate:
Dick Lentz (ext. 110) [email address]
Dan McCann (ext. 108) [email address]

Order Entry:
Michelle Alvarez (ext. 102) [email address]

Sales Representatives:
Brad Helm (ext. 125) [email address]
Brooke Keith (ext. 132) [email address]
Nate Moroz (ext. 106) [email address]
Matt Spause (ext. 114) [email address]
Conor Walsh (ext. 126) [email address]

Regional Sales Representatives:
John Hancock (Colorado/Arizona | 866-980-5272) [email address]
Steve Lawrence (Illinois | 866-439-7351) [email address]
Paul Martin (West Virginia | 304-290-3772) [email address]
Pete Woods (Michigan | 888-853-7620) [email address]

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