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Baseball Field Equipment

Many people only think of bats and baseballs when they hear baseball field equipment. It’s definitely more than that – foul poles, bases, pitching mounds, dugout benches, batting tunnels, back stop netting, fence crowns, removable outfield walls, portable bleachers and benches…all this and more to check out! And it's all proudly Made in the USA.

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Baseball Batting Cage Nets

Practice, practice, practice…..that’s what our baseball batting cage nets allow your players to do. Practice makes perfect, right? Check out the different dimensions we manufacture. Plus, AAE has introduced a portable model to let your team practice anywhere there's space.

Baseball Foul Poles

Foul ball! Want great looking baseball foul poles that come in a standard yellow powder-coated finish, as well various sizes and colors? Then with or without wings, AAE baseball foul poles are for you. All-aluminum, but of course.

Baseball Backstop Netting

Baseball backstop netting, baseball ballstopper system, baseball ball stop netting, baseball netting – whatever terminology you use, I’m sure we have the product you are looking for. Check out the various models and designs we carry and choose the baseball backstop netting system that’s right for you.

Baseball Benches & Bleachers

Baseball benches and bleachers are a must in any baseball field equipment design. Whether you’re looking for a bull pen bench for your relief pitcher or baseball benches and bleachers for your team in the dugout, we can outfit your seating needs.

Baseball Field Essentials

There’s more equipment than you might think to pull together a baseball game, and we call them “essentials”. Things like foul poles, benches, bleachers, batting tunnels, backstop netting, removable outfield walls, fence crowns, bases, pitchers rubber and more.

Baseball Field Design Consulting

Maybe you need a brand new field or just need to renovate an old one. Where do you begin? Baseball field design involves many facets and AAE takes pride in knowing we can offer our expertise on the equipment side of any baseball or softball field project.

Baseball Field Equipment For Sale

When it comes to baseball field equipment for sale, you have lots of choices. There’s no doubt that AAE sells the “real deal” to programs and pro teams that demand the highest quality baseball foul poles or baseball batting cage nets for sale. And in addition to these basics, we also sell baseball backstop nets, fence crowns, removable outfield walls and other customizable equipment to meet your every requirement.

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