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Baseball Benches & Bleachers

We have all the baseball benches and bleachers every field needs to give the fans and players that genuine ballpark feel and provide great view of the field. We have a variety of models that meet all of the team’s needs and gives great seating to all of the fans as well.

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Semi-Permanent Baseball Dugout Benches

Bring your team closer together with the support of permanence and tradition found within quality baseball dugout benches. No worries of instability, these benches are tougher than any team you will face.

Portable Dugout Benches

The same great quality as our semi-permanent team benches, but with the option of relocation anywhere in the dugout or on the field. Keep your team moving ahead with these portable dugout benches.

Portable Baseball Benches with Shelf

Keep your team organized and maximize your storage with the portable baseball benches featuring a back shelf. Straighten up and make your dugouts look good with these benches with shelves.

Portable Baseball Bleachers

Give your fans the best angle on the game with these portable baseball bleachers. The design allows for maximized seating while keeping the option of easily relocating.

Bull Pen Bench

Ease the nerves and allow your bull pen pitchers to relax before their big debut. These bull pen bleachers provide some relief to your much needed relievers.

Portable Baseball Bench Cart

Roll and relocate your team benches quickly and efficiently with this portable baseball bench cart. This cart turns a team chore into an easy task.

Wheels For Portable Baseball Bleachers

Take portability to the next level and easily make your way through any field obstacles with the addition of rollway baseball bleacher wheels. The wheels make give your baseball bleachers the ability to be directed to the best view of the field instantly.

Unibody Scorers Table w/Backrest

Go by the book and provide your scorers and announcer a seat to work and catch every pitch during the game with this scorers table with a back rest. Allow them to stay nice and comfortable to focus on the game and effectively keep the book.

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