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Football Goal Posts Semi-Permanent & Portable

A “semi-permanent” football goal post has its center post anchored to a sub-level base plate, which allows it to be removed or erected on an as-needed basis. Portable football goal posts (invented by AAE for the NFL) are generally used for practice only.

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Offset Football Goal Post

Probably the most popular style today, the offset football goal post uses a gooseneck design to keep it out of the field of play while maintaining the proper alignment of the crossbar and uprights within the end zone.

Hinged Offset Football Goal Post

When a stadium is used for more than just football (i.e. graduations, band competitions or other sports), our hinged football goal post design offers the simplest disassembly and removal option.

180° Rotational Football Goal Posts

Although an 8’ offset football goal allows for a soccer goal to be properly lined up beneath it, many prefer to remove the football goal crossbar entirely from the equation. So 180° Rotational Football Goal Posts have a swivel base that can turn the crossbar and uprights away during soccer play to avoid scoring confusion off ricocheted balls.

Expandable Football Goal Posts

When both high school and college football is going to be played on the same field, expandable football goal posts have a telescopic crossbar design that allows the uprights to be positioned at either the NCAA width of 18’ 6” or NFHS width of 23’ 4”. We really do think of everything.

Portable Football Goal Posts

When NFL teams during the 1960s wanted non-permanent practice goals, they came to AAE and we invented the first portable football goal posts. When you have an athletic equipment challenge, we usually have the solutions – and if we don’t, we’ll make it custom.

“H” and “Y” Football Field Goal Posts

Perfect for fields with limited dimensions, both “H” and “Y” style football field goal posts require no extra space behind the goal. The crossbar and center post are on the same plane for both models, so which one you choose is based on personal preference.

Semi-Permanent and Portable Football Goal Posts For Sale

AAE provides more options of semi-permanent football field goal posts for sale than any other manufacturer. And as the first company to offer portable football goal posts for sale, AAE is proud of its commitment to football field equipment.

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