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Football Field Equipment

An historic game between Harvard and McGill University in 1874 is what defined modern day American Football. In the world of football field equipment, the goal post is king. And AAE is king when it comes to the largest selection of football goal post models available in the world – portable goal posts, hinged goal posts, expandable goal posts, rotational goal posts, offset goal posts, practice goals, “H” goals, combination football soccer goal posts, custom goal posts and more. Plus we offer a full range of football field equipment, from goal post padding to goal post nets.

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Semi-Permanent & Portable Football Goals

Whether you need semi-permanent football goal posts for a multi-use field or portable football goal posts for practice, AAE manufactures a wide variety of models to choose from. It’s the only way to get the best-matched goals for your athletic program.

Football Goal Post Pads & Other Field Equipment

The typical football practice or game has a lot of action, so it’s easy to see how important proper safety measures are – football goal post pads and football landing mats keep players cushioned on impact. And they may say “don’t sweat the small stuff," but you still need it. So we have a selection of yard line markers, goal line markers, wind directional flags and cones to outfit your field and get your team ready to play.

Football Goal Post Nets & Ball Stopper Systems

Sometimes called football goal post nets, AAE’s version of this barrier netting is called our Football Ball Stopper System. But what’s in a name? Regardless, it’s the safety netting in the football end zone that keeps the football from hitting the fans.

Football Benches, Bleachers & Shelters

No athlete likes sitting on the side lines, but our football benches will keep them comfortable when they do. And if you really want to spoil them, AAE offers players sideline shelters that keep them under cover. And our portable bleachers will give your fans a place to sit too.

Football Tower & Coaching Platform Products

Gone are the days of rigging your own elevated platform to capture playback video footage of your football games and practices. AAE’s football tower was specially designed for this purpose – plus it doubles as a coaching platform with its optional lectern.

Combination Soccer/Football Goal Posts

When space is limited, and sharing sports fields is unavoidable, our combination soccer/ football goal posts fit the bill. Their unique design allows them to transform from official football goals into official soccer goals by simply adding the soccer nets.

Rugby Field Equipment

If you want to furnish your pitch with top-quality rugby field equipment then look no further. AAE has multiple models of rugby goals including one model manufactured to meet specifications of the International Rugby Board. So ruck, maul or scrum to your heart’s content and leave the goals to the experts who’ve been making them for over 30 years.

Football Field Design Consulting

Over 60 years manufacturing football goal posts gives AAE a distinct advantage when working on football field design projects. We know the ins and outs of football goal post, foundation box and comm box installations. So whether it’s your first sports facility project or you 100th, you can trust that AAE will help you deliver the superior end result your customer expects.

Football Field Equipment For Sale

Selecting from the wide variety of football field equipment for sale can be a daunting task, so if you have any questions about our permanent and portable football goal posts for sale, please contact our sales reps – they’re ready to match the right AAE football goal post to meet your needs.

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