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Lacrosse Field Equipment

Lacrosse has been played for hundreds of years, documented as early as 1636, and was a big part of Native American culture. With ups and downs in the sport’s popularity, there is no doubt that lacrosse is making a strong comeback as the fastest-growing sport in America. AAE manufactures all lacrosse field equipment, like lacrosse goals, lacrosse nets, lacrosse scoring centers with integrated penalty benches and more for all of the new (and existing) lacrosse teams out there. Start your planning with a safe playing field, surrounded by Ball Stopper lacrosse backstop netting.

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Lacrosse Goals

It’s simple. If you want to play lacrosse, you need a goal to shoot on. So why not go with a goal that will last through the abuse of practice and games? AAE lacrosse goals are built to take any shot!

Lacrosse Nets

AAE lacrosse nets are made to take a beating. These exceptionally strong nets are what you need to last season after season. The nylon netting is known for its durability and can take any shot, again and again.

Lacrosse Backstop Nets

The fast paced play of lacrosse can lead to some pretty wild passes and shots. AAE lacrosse backstop nets are what you need to help keep all of those balls on the field and out of the stands… bushes… parking lots… etc. Give your fans and property some protection and stop chasing all of those wild shots with lacrosse backstop nets.

Lacrosse Field Equipment

Need lacrosse field equipment? Well, look no further. AAE is a one-stop-shop when it comes to any and every piece of field equipment for your field. Not only do we guarantee quality in our products, we offer a variety of unique products to help suit your field equipment needs, such as our Ball Stopper sports netting lacrosse backstop systems.

Lacrosse Field Design Consulting

Looking to renovate your field or even upgrade to a brand new one? With so many choices, how do you decide? Here at AAE we are able to assist you with your lacrosse field design needs with our extensive background in field equipment. We have the know-how to help you design that perfect championship field.

Lacrosse Goals For Sale • Lacrosse Nets For Sale

Both men’s lacrosse teams and women’s lacrosse teams are rapidly expanding the growth of the sport, which means a lot of people are looking for lacrosse field equipment, including lacrosse goals and lacrosse nets. Aren’t they all the same? Nope! For our lacrosse goals, AAE has been able to balance the heaviest wall thickness for the most durable frame, while maintaining a light enough weight to move around the field. And the lacrosse backstop nets for sale here are also heavy-gauge to maximize strength.

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