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Lacrosse Backstop Nets

Let’s face it, not every shot or pass will be right on point. In the heat of the action, lacrosse balls can go sailing in any direction. AAE has everything you need to keep those balls on the field and out of the bleachers... and parking lots... and bushes... with our variety of lacrosse backstop nets. You can even add lacrosse nets to your existing fences.

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Offset Post Lacrosse Backstop Netting

Tired of chasing those wild shots that seem to just keep rolling? Stop wasting precious practice time and keep those balls on the field with our lacrosse backstop netting. Our offset post model stops balls dead in their tracks while reducing the chance of balls hitting one of the uprights and bouncing back.

Straight Post Lacrosse Backstop Netting

Nothing keeps lacrosse balls on your field and out of other surrounding fields like the straight post lacrosse backstop netting. These posts are perfect for being the middle man between fields and keeps the game or practice moving at a fast pace. Like all of our sports netting systems, they can be raised or lowered with ease to cater to your field’s needs.

Fence Post Lacrosse Nets

Have an existing fence that needs an extra boost? Add some height to your fence with AAE’s fence post lacrosse nets. They will save you time and money on installation and give your existing fence the extra reach it needs to stop those wild shots.

Multi-Sport Ball Stopper Sports Netting

This netting is made to stop every size ball, regardless of the sport. The multi-sport Ball Stopper sports netting is perfect for any field and any sport. This netting is what you need to help your athletes and protect the fans. Durability and versatility make Ball Stopper sports netting ideal for every field.

Net Drums for Lacrosse Backstops

Keep your netting safe! Help protect the netting that protects your fans by storing your lacrosse backstops in net drums. These drums keep all conditions away from your lacrosse nets and allow your lacrosse backstops to be used for many seasons to come.

Lacrosse Field Equipment and Lacrosse Backstop Netting

Not all lacrosse field equipment is created equal. Other brands might look the same as AAE lacrosse nets and goals, but don’t be fooled. We have the highest, pro-quality lacrosse equipment available. Don’t believe us? Just contact one of our reps to get the low-down on our lacrosse backstop netting specs. Plus, you won’t find anything as cool as our DONKEY scoring centers with an integrated lacrosse penalty bench anywhere else.

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