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Soccer Field Equipment

Known as “football” throughout most of the world, soccer increased its American following after the U.S. hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1994. AAE, ahead of this phenomenon, has been a soccer goal manufacturer since the 1960’s. AAE not only has semi-permanent and portable soccer goals for sale meeting USSF equipment standards, but also international style soccer goals as well. From regulation soccer goals to replacement soccer nets, to field equipment like soccer benches, bleachers, shelters and backstop netting, you'll score with AAE quality and reliability.

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Semi-Permanent & Portable Soccer Goals

Some schools or rec fields are specifically dedicated to playing soccer, so semi-permanent soccer goals can be installed into ground sleeves and they’re ready to go. Other fields serve multiple sports, so they require portable soccer goals that can be moved on and off the field as needed.

Combination Football/Soccer Goals

Many schools need to outfit one field to serve many purposes. For this reason, AAE offers combination football/soccer goals. Available in semi-permanent or portable models, to give your program whatever flexibility is demanded.

Replacement Soccer Nets

If your nets starts looking tired, don’t fret or fray – AAE has replacement soccer nets to save the day. Available in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate official soccer goals, youth soccer goals or club soccer goals.

Soccer Backstop Netting

Are soccer balls flying past your soccer goals getting annoying to retrieve? If so, you definitely need to check out our soccer backstop nets. Available in multiple designs, you can make any one of our soccer backstop netting designs fit your field’s needs.

Soccer Benches, Bleachers & Shelters

AAE soccer benches and bleachers are a perfect accent to any field. A newer product to enter our line-up is the players' sideline shelter. This not only gives a team seating during a practice or game, but also cover when dealing with certain weather elements. Definitely a must see!

Soccer Scoring Centers & Coaching Towers

Elevated soccer scoring centers have been gaining popularity on the collegiate level because they not only centrally locate scoring, broadcasting and soccer equipment storage, but also provide a superior, unobstructed view of the action.

Soccer Goal Anchors, Pads & Other Accessories

Although AAE portable soccer goals are properly counter-weighted for normal use, soccer goal anchors can be used to reduce risk of soccer goals tipping due to severe weather conditions or improper use. Soccer goal pads are available to cushion goal posts as one more safety precaution. Corner flags and markers help to complete the soccer field for competition.

Soccer Field Design Consulting

Knowing our customers’ needs, we like to assist any way possible. Soccer field design consulting and how to integrate soccer field equipment into that design is just one more way we can lend a helping hand.

Soccer Field Equipment, Soccer Goals For Sale

With the highest quality soccer field equipment for sale, AAE is ready to answer any questions about the semi-permanent or portable soccer goals for sale here and the types of replacement soccer nets for sale to accompany them.

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