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Soccer Backstop Netting

Tired of chasing balls that fly past the goal? Not every kick aimed at the soccer goal goes in – although we wish it did. AAE’s soccer backstop nets have been widely used at all soccer levels. Both fixed and portable models are available in varying heights to perfectly suit your field's needs... and it can be needy.

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Offset Post Soccer Backstop Nets

AAE’s offset post soccer backstop nets allow for installation to take place out of field play by having a 3’ offset. Utilizing this design will help eliminate ball contact with the uprights.

Straight Post Soccer Backstop System

Check out our straight post soccer backstop system which is an ideal product to prevent ball interference between simultaneous games or practices. Like all of our soccer backstop systems, the systems netting can be raised and lowered as needed.

Fence Post Soccer Backstop Netting

Already have a short fence next to your soccer playing field that just isn’t tall enough to stop most balls? Use our fence post soccer backstop netting to extend the height of your fence and keep balls contained. It works to your fiscal advantage because you’ll have no ground sleeves to install and less netting to buy since it attaches right to your existing fence.

Multi-Sport Ball Stopper Systems

The ball stops here! The soccer ball, baseball, lacrosse ball, football – it’ll stop them all. To date, this multi-sport ball stopper system has been one of our hottest product lines. It provides safety for both spectators and athletes while protecting property from potential damage. It’s easy to see why our multi-sport ball stopper system is so popular.

Net Drums for Soccer Backstops

You have the nets, now you need to protect and preserve them. That’s why we have our net drums for our soccer backstops. Just store your soccer backstops netting during the off-season in our 55 gallon drum.

Soccer Field Equipment For Sale

AAE is often noted for its variety of soccer field equipment for sale because has a range of goals available for all levels of soccer play – from youth to club and NCAA to International. And we offer plenty of cross-sport field equipment like backstop netting, team benches, bleacher, scoring centers, portable press boxes and more.

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