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Athletic Field Equipment

The equipment you have around the field can be just as important to the game as the action on the field. And here at AAE we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products at a cost effective price. And when it comes to multi-purpose equipment like towers and platforms, we don’t skimp on either. That is why we offer the highest quality equipment and give you options to fit all of your needs. Whether it be a tower, donkey, platform, benches, bleachers, shelters, or scorers table, we offer it all with a variety of different options to cater to every one of your athletic facility’s needs.

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Coaching Tower • Marching Band Tower • Video Tower

Take your team to new heights with an AAE multi-purpose tower. These towers are designed to get you a “bird’s eye view” over the field so coaches can see it all and the video camera won’t miss a play. The towers can be uses as a coaching tower, marching band tower, video tower, and so on- the height gives you options! These elevated towers put you in the perfect position to see it all.

Coaching Platform • Portable Press Box • Sports Platform

Call it what you may- coaching platform, portable press box, sports platform, etc, but here at AAE have dubbed it “The Donkey.” AAE is the creator of Donkey and this portable press box has gained its popularity for its ability to be the “all in one” scoring center. These multi-purpose centers give you the option to do it all when it comes to the ultimate platform and offers great flexibility to your entire athletic program.

Team Benches

Every team is different, and here at AAE we know that. That is why we give you so many options with team seating to decide which of our team benches will be the best to support your team. With so many different options in size, portability, and features, including back rests and shelves, AAE has exactly the right bench to fit your team’s needs.

Portable Bleachers

Let’s not forget about some of the biggest supporters of the athletes-- fans and parents! For all the support they show the players, they need some solid support as well. Give the fans a great view on the game with these durable and sturdy portable bleachers. Give them the best view for multiple sports, which may change based on conditions and location, with ease of relocation of the portable bleachers.

Team Shelters

The weather can make it hard for players on the sidelines to stay warm and ready to go into action. AAE team shelters are all-weather units that provide protection from all of the elements. Not only will the players love it, the warm and dry coach might be its biggest fan!

Scorers Tables

Some of the most important people to the sport are the ones keeping the books and stats of all of the action. Well give your scorers the perfect place for them to stay tuned into the game and not miss a play. The moveable bench with a backrest assures comfort while the large table top gives them room to accommodate all of their note pads and laptops.

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