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Players' Sideline Shelters


  • Semi-permanent, all-weather unit provides all-around protection from the elements to players on the sideline
  •  All-aluminum construction with nearly 600 weld points
  • Overall Size: 8’H x 16’W x 7’D
  • Tinted 1/4” thick plexi-glass on sides and back offers shelter while not obstructing view
  • Anodized aluminum 12” seat and 10” backrest
  • Elevated anodized aluminum shelf (24”D) has hinged cover with pneumatic device that opens to internal storage compartment, which accomodates approximately 45 sq.ft. of storage space for athletes’ gear
  • Powder-coated aluminum top in team color comes standard
  • Add a customized silkscreen (PSS-SS) for an additional cost
  • Optional Trainer’s Table (TT) measuring 32”H x 66”W x 24”D with 18oz. double knife-coated vinyl encased 2” thick foam pad that attaches to underside of shelter and is retractable (can be added to any unit)
  • Shelter is engineered to withstand a sustained 75MPH windload (shelter must be anchored properly)
  • Proudly Made in the USA & protected by our AAE Warranty

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Price: $15,995.00 - $26,590.00

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