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High Jump Equipment

The earliest high jump equipment probably consisted of a bar propped up on both ends over a sawdust-filled high jump pit – not a high jump mat in sight. But mid-twentieth century saw the introduction of a novel idea… a cushioned foam landing. And we brought it a step further by exclusively offering our Safety Side Skirt System, which completely encases the foam sections so there’s no gaps across the top. Genius? We think so.

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High Jump Mats and Platforms

AAE high jump mats are made with the highest quality double knife-coated vinyl so they last longer. All military-grade buckles and straps are positioned at the bottom of the high jump pit – preventing any contact with athletes. And why the special platform? It holds the high jump mat in place and minimizes the “landing pad slide” that occurs during heavy use.

High Jump Standards, Crossbars and More

Our high jump standards are available in various models designed to meet all requirements for specific levels. And our highly visible golden high jump crossbar raises the bar – literally and figuratively.

High Jump Equipment For Sale

AAE provides all of the essential high jump equipment for sale, including high jump mats for sale, high jump standards and crossbars. We even offer high jump equipment packages that include everything you need to start a high jump program bundled together at great prices. AAE...your home for Made In The USA track and field equipment.

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