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High Jump Mats & Platforms

They’re safer in skirts… your high jump mats that is. AAE’s Safety Side Skirt System is an exclusive design that fastens our top pad or breather cover at the bottom of the landing pad so there’s no exposed hardware near the athlete’s landing area. And using a high jump mat platform will keep it high, dry and away from age-accelerating moisture. AAE high jump equipment is better by design... and it's made in the USA.

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High Jump Mats

When it comes to our high jump mats, AAE never uses the “V” word – “vacuum-packed”. And for good reason – it irreparably damages foam so that it never returns to its original thickness. And we believe you should get what you pay for – all 25, 26, 27 or 28 inches of it.

High Jump Platforms

A high jump platform may seem like an unnecessary “bell & whistle," but you may be singing a different tune once your high jump pad has moisture damage rendering it unusable.

High Jump Mat Weather Covers

A high jump mat is a large investment, so you’ll want a weather cover to provide superior moisture and UV protection across the top and sides.

Complete High Jump Pits, High Jump Mats For Sale

You can rely on the quality of our high jump mats for sale because AAE talked to coaches and experts around the world and came up with solutions to many of their concerns for safety, durability and economy. Plus our high jump pits equipment packages help to take the guess work out of choosing all the right products – we’ve already bundled them together for you.

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