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Long Jump Equipment

The long jump dates back to the Ancient Greek Olympics as one of the events of the pentathlon. And athletes carried a weight in each hand called halteres, which were swung forward as the athlete jumped in order to increase momentum. Modern day long jumpers don’t have to deal with their own equipment, but there’s plenty of long jump equipment to be installed... and AAE’s got it all.

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Long Jump Pit Forms & Pit Covers

Definitely not your average sports equipment purchase, but you need to install a pit before you can run the event. And AAE long jump pit forms simply create the foundation in which to place the sand. Our pit covers create a seamless transition and finished look to the long jump area in addition to keeping it free from water and debris when not in use.

Long Jump Take Off Boards

Track officials rely on the long jump take off board to indicate fouled attempts – and we have one for every level. Our most popular system includes a stainless steel tray, our dual-surface competition board, Nuron foul board, yellow foul strip and the plasticine necessary to detect when an athlete has fouled.

Long Jump Runway

AAE offers a long jump runway surface that is an economical and convenient alternative to poured surfacing. It also serves as a temporary walkway for high traffic areas over expensive track surfaces.

Other Long Jump Equipment

This is the track and field equipment you might not realize you need until you actually need it – so consider this a reminder. Long jump pits are filled with sand, which probably will need a pit leveler at the beginning of each practice/meet and an aluminum pit rake for between jumps leveling jobs.

Long Jump Equipment For Sale

AAE offers a full line of long jump equipment for sale. From the long jump pit forms and pit covers that require contractor installation to long jump take off boards to pit rakes, you’ll find everything you need right here at AAE...your home for quality, Made in the USA  track and field equipment.

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