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Pole Vault Equipment

Competitive pole vaulting began around 1850 – the first pole vault equipment was a bamboo pole and a pile of sawdust for the pole vault pit. While AAE didn’t make it on the scene until 100 years later, we’ve certainly improved pole vault equipment through numerous material and design innovations. From the top pole vault poles to pole vault mats, it's all top quality...even the pole vault standards are something special.

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Pole Vault Mats and Platforms

Yesterday’s pole vault pits have evolved into today’s pole vault “mats” and safety remains at the forefront. Our exclusive Safety Side Skirt, Color ID and White Caution Zone set us apart.

Pole Vault Standards, Pole Vault Crossbars and More

Our pole vault standards are anything but… aluminum maintenance-free frames with Teflon gliders to ease adjustments. And our shock absorbing pole vault crossbars just complete the package.

Vault Boxes and Vault Covers

As the main focal point for vaulters, vault box durability is of the utmost importance, which is why we only sell stainless steel vault boxes and vault covers – aluminum or steel just can’t compare.

Pole Vault Poles

Altius pole vault poles are the premier vaulting pole with outstanding resiliency and strength for vaulters at all levels. If you’re looking for the pole with “an attitude for altitude”, give Altius a try.


For decades, there’s been nothing new under the sun when it comes to pole vault equipment – until now. AAE invented the first robotic pole vault standards that move in unison at the press of a button. No more manual adjustments requiring two people between attempts.

Pole Vault Equipment For Sale, Complete Pole Vault Pits

With the variety of pole vault equipment for sale, your task of decision-making might seem daunting. That’s why AAE sales reps are available to guide you through the process of selecting the right equipment and still fall within your budget. We even offer pole vault pit equipment packages that can help you get started with everything you need bundled at great prices.

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