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Throwing Equipment

While some might say that an ancient Greek sculpture is the iconic image for throwing equipment, we at AAE would insist it’s our throwing cages. More than things of beauty, AAE discus cages, shot put cages and hammer cages are the ultimate in throwing equipment safety and performance at every level.

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Shot Put Equipment

Shot put equipment is typically minimal because there is no cage required. But when our customers told us they still wanted some extra protection, AAE delivered a shot put cage. AAE makes both synthetic and aluminum models of our shot put toe board to accurately accessorize your shot put circle.

Hammer Throwing Equipment

Based on the ideas of world-class throwers and Olympic coaches, AAE designed its hammer throwing equipment to meet NCAA or IAAF requirements. Our hammer cages and hammer circles are built for safety, durability and economy in the long run.

Discus Equipment

The actual discus is just the beginning when it comes to discus equipment. The discus circle, discus cage and, of course, all-important discus net can be found right here, so you’ll be good to throw.

Javelin Equipment

The technique used to throw the javelin is unlike other throwing events and so is javelin equipment. No cages necessary – just a javelin, javelin stop board and measuring tape.

Track and Field Equipment For Sale

AAE has always offered the highest quality throwing equipment for sale to support every throwing event. Discus equipment, shot put equipment and hammer throwing equipment might look the same, but AAE engineers it to meet the individual specifications of each event.

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