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Track Equipment

Regardless of competition level, track equipment must be manufactured to certain specifications as required by NFHS, NCAA and IAAF rules. AAE strives to stay ahead of the curve by not only meeting these standards but also exceeding them whenever possible.

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Track Hurdles

Set it and forget it… our aluminum track hurdles require minimal maintenance and come in high school, collegiate, international and economy models that go with the flow. And AAE track hurdles are all Made in the USA... never outsourced overseas.

Track and Field Starting Blocks

Specially designed out of stainless steel for maximum durability, our track and field starting blocks are sure to provide solid starts time after time.

Track Curbing

AAE track curbing is elegant in concept, simple to install and built for permanence. There is no other track curbing like it in the world.

Track Gates and Markers

Rotating track gates reduce traffic on the inside three lanes and lessen wear-and-tear on track surfaces, while lane markers keep things orderly.

Equipment Storage

Now that you’ve got the good stuff, take care of it! Track equipment storage solutions like our hurdle carts, block carts, discus and shot put carts, vaulting pole racks and javelin stands keep implements protected and handy.

Judges and Awards Stands

Sometimes a better perspective is all you need – and our judges and award stands provide that extra lift to keep things fair and balanced.

The Highest Quality Track Equipment For Sale

The track equipment for sale on myAAEworld is manufactured to last years (not months), so repeat purchases should become a thing of the past. Whether you’re buying our exclusive Mach starting blocks for sale or any model of our track hurdles for sale, we stand behind our products 110%.

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